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Bedroom ceiling water leak from roof

It finally happened! The roof fell in.

The ceiling in this Las Vegas home finally caved in after many years of it leaking. Checking your ceiling for discoloration after a rain storm is very important to ensure your roof is doing its job keeping the water out. 

Air movers getting the job done

Crafty ducting and drying equipment getting the job done.

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills looking outside the box to get the job done in a timely manner for both the customer and insurance adjuster. Knowing the sciences and technology makes everyone happy when a loss occurs knowing things will get back to normal. 

Containment over cut out drywall

Mold in the closet

During some minor renovations one of our clients found a small amount of mold in the closet that shares a wall with a bathroom. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills Las Vegas completed a full inspection to ensure there was no moisture or active leak causing the mold; once the inspection was complete and there was no sign of a leak we began the mold remediation process. The team was able to cut the affected area of drywall and treat with an antimicrobial. The area was cleaned and neatly contained. Our client was very happy with the finished product and felt at ease having the children in the home.

Monsoon storms in Las Vegas

Monsoon Season

Monsoon season can cause massive flooding in the Las Vegas valley, and thousands in damages for homeowners. Regular maintenance to your roof and flood precautions can help prevent costly repairs after a storm.

Fire damage, melted electronics

Fire damage!

A Las Vegas business had a small electrical fire causing smoke and water damage to the property. Thankfully no one was injured and SERVPRO of Centennial Hills was able to get them back to business quickly.

Covid disinfecting in a home

Commercial and Residential Services

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is honored to provide disinfecting service to help combat Covid-19 to not only our local Las Vegas businesses but also to our Las Vegas residents homes and automobiles.

Extreme damage to wall and ceiling from water damage

Vacation Home Nightmare

A local Las Vegas vacation home had a water leak from the upstairs bathroom causing water to spill into the home for an extended amount of time. The home owner arrived to find massive amounts of water and mold damage to  more then 70% of this home.

Team work during covid disinfecting

Covid 19 Disinfecting

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is honored to be trusted by businesses and the community to help fight the transmission of Covid-19. We understand how important it is to keep employees and customers safe during these difficult times.

Excessive mold damage from toilet line leak

Holy Moldy!

Las Vegas vacation home had a water leak from a toilet while unoccupied. The water continued to flow for weeks. The homeowner arrived in Las Vegas to find a mold nightmare waiting. Thankfully SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is highly knowledgeable in handle mold of any magnitude. 

water damaged ceiling falling in living room

Wake Up Call!

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is available 24/7 to turn a dangerous situation to a safe environment. This customer woke up to the lower level of his home completely flooded and the ceiling falling. We arrived in the early hours of the morning and got to work! That afternoon it was safe for him to enter his home and the drying process had begun.

Temporary ducting helping the drying process

Crafty duct work to improve drying time.

This Las Vegas home experienced a water loss upstairs that eventually affected their kitchen. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills assessed the water migration and needed to open up the ceiling. We added ducting to help air movement along with a dehumidifier to supply a dryer air flow to the affected area. 

Water damage to garage ceiling from rain

Rain Puddles

Our valued customer had rain puddling on the balcony above the garage. The water from the rain storm traveled under the tiles and through the roof causing damage to the garage ceiling. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills was able to remove all damaged materials, remove the small amount of mold that began to grow and treat with antimicrobial. 

Ceiling drywall removal from water damage

Barn style bedroom ceiling

This Las Vegas home had a upstairs toilet plumbing burst that affected the ceiling in lower parts of the house. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills had to remove the drywall in order to get the wooden studs dry and treated.  Luckily for the residence they caught it early which lessened the drying time.

SERVPRO employee disinfecting stairwell

COVID 19 disinfection of stairwell

This Las Vegas construction company had a few employees contract COVID 19, so they immediately shut down and roped off portions of the site so others would steer clear of it. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills welcomed the challenge quickly while providing that peace of mind for all who worked on site. 

SERVPRO employee disinfecting stairwell

COVID 19 disinfection of commercial property

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is ready to tackle any size disinfecting job request.  This Las Vegas company had a few employees infected with COVID 19, so they shut down portions of their construction areas and made them off limits until SERVPRO arrived to disinfect using SERVPROXIDE. 

Frozen pipe

Prevent pipes from freezing.

While Las Vegas is known for extremely hot summers, property owners should still take measures to avoid freezing pipes.

* Properly insulate outside water pipes.

*Keep the heat running when you go out of town.

*Leave a tiny trickle of water running from the faucet.

Pipe maintenance will save you from the potential damage later on.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

One of the first lines of defense against a fire in your home is having your own FIRE EXTINGUISHER readily available in the kitchen and garage. Make a fire escape plan and always remember to remain calm if a fire happens to occur. Give SERVPRO of Centennial Hills a call for fire cleanup. 

Tarp and sand bags used on the roof to stop water leakage

Necessary Measures

When a storm damages a roof and rain water starts to seep through it is necessary to take measure to prevent further damage. Using a tarp and sand bags can help keep the water from entering the home until repairs can be made.

Water extraction from carpet flooring

Wet Weather

Las Vegas rain storms are known to cause flooding throughout town. One of our customers had the unpleasant experience of the flood water entering the home. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills used one of our most trusted pieces of equipment, The Water Extraction Machine, to remove the heavy amount of water from the carpet and carpet pad. 

Faulty wiring electrical outlet fire

Electrical outlet no longer!

This could have ended very badly, but for the homeowners sake they got really lucky.  SERVPRO of Centennial Hills responded to the call and put the clients mind at ease letting them know everything is under control. Make sure those outlets are firmly secured from any movement that might cause a short. 

Melted toy car and furniture

Wheels a blaze!

The picture shows damaged items from a backyard fire. When SERVPRO of Centennial Hills arrived we did our damage assessment and measured a fire radius and noticed these items that you see in the picture were about 30 feet away from were the fire was.  The heat was so intense, and luckily no casualties. 

SERVPRO employee fogging a classroom

Fighting the good fight against COVID 19

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills disinfecting a local Las Vegas business on the suspicion of COVID 19 exposure. Although it was only suspicion, SERVPRO suited up for the real thing anyway not taking chances on exposure to employees or clients. We take all precautions and personal protective equipment seriously!!

Using a penetrating meter to detect water in drywall

Tools of the trade for water detection in materials

This picture shows one of the many tools that we use in order to detect water in materials that are affected by water during a flood loss. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is always looking for the best technology for our customers ensuring we have the latest tech toys in our arsenal.

Hydroxyl Generator being used to deodorize after a fire

Hydroxyl Generator

This local Las Vegas business owner experienced a fire loss on his commercial property. After all the smoke cleared and it was safe, SERVPRO of Centennial Hills was on site ready to get things back to the way they were. This picture shows the Hydroxyl Generator in action helping to eliminate smoke odor.  Technology at its finest!

Toilet seal worn away and leaking

Badly damaged subfloor from toilet leak

This Las Vegas resident called SERVPRO of Centennial Hills for a toilet leak. When we arrived we noticed a worn out wax seal and most importantly deteriorated wood subfloor damaged from water leak. If you are experiencing this problem call us immediately so we can start the drying process and repairs.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 702-947-0947. 

Pre-staging air movers and Equipment for water loss

Pre-staging for a water loss

This Las Vegas restaurant experienced a minor water loss which could’ve turned out to be really bad. They called SERVPRO of Centennial Hills to come out and assess the water loss and get it fixed ”Like it never even happened.”

Water migration line of destruction

Example of a water migration line

The photo shows what is called a “Water Migration” line which helps SERVPRO of Centennial Hills Las Vegas assess where and which way the water is flowing thus letting us know what materials are affected.

Air mover and Dehumidifier drying wood bar

Preservation of highly valuable wood bar materials

This photo is describing how valuable SERVPRO of Centennial Hills Las Vegas equipment is on getting highly valuable materials dry to minimize damage. Contact our office at 702-947-0947 if you need restoration services for your business.

Loading up the van for the next Call.


One of the key successes in an emergency response team is “READINESS”. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills ensures that preparedness for the unimaginable takes precedence over anything. Our skilled technicians pride themselves on readying their equipment in the event of a flood, fire, mold and bio cleanup.  

Disinfecting kitchen counter

Disinfecting wipe down!

No matter who, what, when and where viral pathogens can affect anyone’s life. During these unprecedented times SERVPRO of Centennial Hills has experienced many disinfecting jobs to the highest standards of safety. It all starts with informing the client the type of disinfectant we are using ensuring that they have complete awareness of what we are using to disinfect. Next, we ensure that our team has the personal protective gear needed for their protection. Finally, we ensure client confidentiality. 

Big Smiles from male employee of SERVPRO

Big smiles!

When a good team and drying plan is in place it puts a smile on everyone’s face.

In this picture it shows a perfect example of what we bring to our customers and that is a warm smile and state of the art equipment to get the job done right. What we do is hard work which our team at SERVPRO of Centennial Hills looks forward to and the self-satisfaction for achieving a smile from the customer.

Water heater leak

Water heater leak

Water heaters are an everyday luxury we take for granted in our home, so it is especially important to ensure to visually check it periodically for signs of wear and tear. As time goes by aging occurs causing the water heater parts to crack and leak, thus causing further damage to the box it stands on and becoming weak.

The picture shows a worn-out water heater and support box heavily damaged from water leakage and not to mention mold growth. If you are noticing this happening to you, please do not hesitate to give SERVPRO of Centennial Hills a call so we can fix the problem.

SERVPRO Employee disinfecting

Disinfecting a commercial business

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills was called out to help provide a precautionary disinfection of a local Las Vegas business.  SERVPRO completed the task within a couple of hours and boosted the confidence and piece of mind for the employees who work there. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is ready to Disinfect any business or residence even if it is just precautionary. 

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills employee with van


Hello everyone! SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is here servicing the following areas Centennial Hills, Indian Springs, Mt. Charleston, Summerlin, Red Rock, Bonnie Springs and Blue Diamond. If you are experiencing Fire, Mold, Water loss or need disinfecting on a Commercial or Residential property we are ready to serve you.  SERVPRO of Centennial Hills brings with them on the job confidence, assurance and knowledge while regarding to the customers needs and concerns. There is not a job too big or small for us to tackle. Our technicians are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to make it “Like it never even happened. “.

Burnt down shed

Backyard tool shed fire

Unfortunately this is what happens when a fire pit isn’t fully extinguished and left unattended. Fortunately nobody was injured just feelings hurt and a few tools lost that can be replaced.