What our Customers say...


I was so pleased how they showed up 20 minutes after I called. Very informative on what processes were needed to get things under control. Very punctual.

I was so pleased how they showed up 20 minutes after I called. Very informative on what processes were needed to get things under control. Very punctual.

My business had quite a scare when a fire broke out. SERVPRO came out when the fire was out and helped me move all my furniture around to deodorize and get things dry. Thank You!

I could not have called on a better company. I was a little embarrassed about the situation, but they handled it accordingly. SERVPRO did it right!

I knew right away I contacted the right team for me and my business. They took the time to listen to my concerns and created a plan that worked for my business.

Outstanding service by these guys

Tristan, & Kevin Brown were great during the process. They even came out late at night to assist with power issue. Great job.

Very professional, prompt, and discreet. I highly recommend this team.

Enjoyed having guys working here, very prompt and professional

I could not believe what I woke up to was my trash can burning. After the smoke cleared and the fire out I called SERVPRO of Centennial Hills and they got things back to the norm. I definitely recommend. 

I was so embarrassed at the fact I almost burnt my house down. After the firefighters left I called SERVPRO of Centennial Hills and they arrived surprisingly quick. They calmed me down and assured me everything is now under control and things can only get better from here. 

I was so upset about my electrical socket catching fire, but when SERVPRO of Centennial Hills arrived they assured me that everything will be fine. These guys were really empathetic and helped me get through a tough time. 

I could not believe how serious and professional they were when listening to my plumbing problem. They kept me well informed and up to date on finding the problem and getting my property dry. A+

For the longest time I could not figure out why my janitorial closet had a funky smell. I tried everything. I called SERVPRO of Centennial Hills and they found mold inside the walls and ripped it all out. To this day I have the cleanest odor free janitorial supply closet in the valley. Thank you!

They went above and beyond. Great crew!

They helped me get my business back open quickly. I appreciate the hard work.

I can't believe they got the smell out! They are awesome!

When the rain storm caused damage to my home I called SERVPRO of Centennial Hills. I was very satisfied with Kevin Brown & his staff.

Very impressed with the equipment and the knowledge of the equipment they had.
Also when they were finished they cleaned up and mopped every thing around and leaving the house cleaner
Than expected.
Great crew and job well done.

They arrived on time and worked fast!

Outstanding team! Great customer service.

Appreciate the promptness & attention to thoroughness. Work being done was explained as being completed. Every crew member was polite and respectful.

Amazing Customer Service. Thank you!

When one of my rental properties had a large amount of water damage I figured it would be a nightmare. This team was fast yet efficient. I was able to have my rental back on the market in no time.

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is highly recommended for disinfecting services. They where prompt, professional, and very knowledgeable in what they do. 

I was so thankful for them driving so far to clean my carpets. I also learned a lot from them about carpet cleaning processes.  

Very helpful and discreet when providing their micro misting disinfecting services. It was great that they worked around my schedule.  Very Understanding individuals!

They were very careful when moving my furniture while cleaning my hardwood floors.  

I was amazed how thorough SERVPRO was on getting to the bottom of my plumbing leak and then they found mold too. They did great getting it all cleaned up.

When my washing machine drain line started leaking all over my wash room I called SERVPRO. They explained their process and the reasoning behind the removal of certain materials. They worked with my insurance company to help pay for the damages. I recommend them fully. 

I was a little apprehensive about having a commercial business coming into my home to disinfect for COVID 19 because of what my neighbors would think.  SERVPRO was very understanding of my concerns and together we made a discreet plan together to make it not so noticeable for when it was time to disinfect.  They were very discreet and understanding and made it right for me.

At first it was just a leaky drain pipe, but when SERVPRO removed my dishwasher they revealed mold destroying my cabinets.  They were able to remove the mold and repair the damages.  

The carpet they worked on I thought was a goner until they cleaned it. They gave my carpet life again!  Looks great. 

Very informative on the procedures how they were going to get rid of the mold. Did a great job. 

What a great team!  They were very flexible and understanding of my schedule and able to be there for me.   

I could not believe my eyes! I was at home going about my daily routine and when I stepped into my garage I felt water cover both of my feet, I then noticed my water heater was spraying out water everywhere.  I immediately called a friend of mine who had the same situation and they referred me to SERVPRO of Centennial Hills. Once SERVPRO arrived they immediately started getting things back to order like "clock work". 

My name is John, I'm a seasoned realtor representing a buyer in the Las Vegas area. After a home inspection, mold was discovered behind the dishwasher 3 days prior to the closing of my client's dream home. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills was highly recommended by a colleague of mine as the right company for the job. Boy was she right! Their professionalism was matched by none, they responded immediately & a price no one could touch. My clients are now going to be moving into the home of their dreams and on time, thanks to SERVPRO of Centennial Hills.

I woke up and notice the water main burst in my living room ceiling. I immediately called SERVPRO of Centennial Hills and they arrived in no time and started saving my home. I was very impressed how they worked diligently and professionally.

When my dishwasher flooded it was devastating! SERVPRO of Centennial Hills arrived quickly and figured out the water line was not on right. They were very knowledgeable and efficient. I recommend them for any home disaster you might have.  

I was out of town when I got a call from my wife explaining there was water leaking from the ceiling and other parts of the house. She called the right company because two days later when I returned home SERVPRO of Centennial Hills had already dried everything and put all the furniture back the way it was. I was quite pleased to have them there for me and my family.

Called SERVPRO when I discovered obvious mold in my closet and my initial impression was that this would take at least a week to clean up. They showed up in the morning, and were gone before 6 pm. So much work needed to be done but these guys got it done in a matter of hours. Perfect 10!

On behalf of Centennial Hills Hospital, I wanted to sincerely thank SERVPRO for coming out to our hospital recently. As you already know our entire country is facing the Coronavirus pandemic. This has required the skill of many staff across the entire hospital. Their tireless dedication has gone a long way in providing our patients the care they need. Your offering in providing vehicle disinfectant services from May 19 - 26 is sincerely appreciated by all of the staff at our hospital. 

Thanks again for your support of our hospital during this challenging time. 

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills showed me the utmost care when rendering services. SERVPRO handled all my property as if it was theirs. The way they conducted themselves made me feel important. So professional!

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills received a early morning call for a toilet plumbing leak and when SERVPRO arrived, the customer was so apologetic and thankful for our prompt arrival. Charlotte was a little embarrassed of the type of loss, but grateful for the professionalism SERVPRO provided on that day.