What our Customers say...

Biohazard Testimonials

Very helpful and discreet when providing their micro misting disinfecting services. It was great that they worked around my schedule.  Very Understanding individuals!

I was a little apprehensive about having a commercial business coming into my home to disinfect for COVID 19 because of what my neighbors would think.  SERVPRO was very understanding of my concerns and together we made a discreet plan together to make it not so noticeable for when it was time to disinfect.  They were very discreet and understanding and made it right for me.

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills received a early morning call for a toilet plumbing leak and when SERVPRO arrived, the customer was so apologetic and thankful for our prompt arrival. Charlotte was a little embarrassed of the type of loss, but grateful for the professionalism SERVPRO provided on that day.